Underperforming software? We need to talk about Alan

Published on March 20, 2018 by Red River

Posted in Business


You were young, you were growing fast. You needed some code, so you hired Alan.

Alan was always a multi-instrumentalist. He did you proud, throwing together the business software that helped you get things off the ground, and wiring up the network that everything ran on. As the company took off Alan went back and tweaked a couple of bits of code, and it all scaled up surprisingly well. And now your business has grown, become exponentially more complex and you have big ambitions for it. Unfortunately however, it still depends on decade-old software written in yesterday’s code, and Alan’s living in a cave where he mostly fixes laptops and reboots servers.

So we need to talk about Alan. Your systems are ancient, nobody understands them, and Alan is either too busy to fix them, or too protective to hand them off. Your business is being stifled by software that’s no longer fit for purpose, and whose author probably hasn’t the bandwidth or skills to modernise. Worse than that, he’s probably stressed that he can no longer deliver what the business needs. Make him a cuppa, and let’s have a chat.

Because Red River has met a lot of Alans. We’ve worked very successfully with companies with their own in-house coders or software teams. We’re adept at understanding the software you currently have, interviewing the people who use it and getting a grip on what you actually need, then working with or without in-house resources to deliver the modernised platforms on which you’ll build your future business.

Getting us on board means an honest, expert appraisal of what you already have. It means an infusion of new ideas and the latest technology, and a result that works for everyone. So go on, give us a call. We can reinvent your software, revitalise your business – and take a big load off Alan’s mind.