Monthly Tech Tidbits – Roundup

Published on May 19, 2014 by Red River

Posted in Technology

Every month we post a collection of interesting articles, blog posts and links from the world of technology, software – or anything else that catches our eye!

This month’s tidbits, compiled by Jon, cover a range of topics from treadmill desks and agile development to two-factor authentication for ASP.NET.

Microsoft engineer exploits Google Maps openness to intercept FBI & Secret Service calls

Study: Treadmill Desks Improve Productivity, Creativity At Work
The University of Minnesota just released the findings of a study that looked at the benefits of treadmill desks.

“Think big, act small” – what does it mean in architecture?
Architectural questions such as “How much architecture should we have before starting development”?

Colour/colour scheme picker site
A nice little site that helps with colour schemes!

Agile Is Dead (Long Live Agility)
A look at Agile software practices and where things might be going wrong.

I Hate Open Floorplans, It Makes Roger Come Out…
A discussion about floor layouts and how some can affect productivity.

Installing and Configuring Web Deploy on IIS 7
Web deploy is a wonderful tool and helps automate IIS website deployments, this talks about how to set it up for IIS7.

Frosting Glass with CSS Filters
Nice CSS effects tutorial for frosting glass.

Adding Two-Factor authentication to an ASP.NET application
Scott Hanselman talks about two factor authentication with ASP.NET Identity 2.0.