Monthly Tech Tidbits – June Roundup

Published on June 27, 2014 by Red River

Posted in Technology

Every month we post a collection of interesting articles, blog posts and links from the world of technology, software – or anything else that catches our eye!

This month’s tidbits, compiled by Jon, cover a range of topics from test-driven development (TDD) to single-page apps.

Security Issues with Single-Page Apps
A look into single page apps with security in mind.

Speed in Software Development
A lengthy but worthwhile read about the speed of software development from different points of view.

TDD is dead. Long live testing.
An interesting opinion piece on a potential alternative to test-driven development.

Download SQL Server Express
Scott Hanselman’s quick and easy site for quick access to the (otherwise hidden!) SQL Server Express downloads.

We’ve been doing full SCRUM for 6 mnoths, here’s what we learned
The retrospective view of a team who decided to “really” follow scrum for 6 months.

When TDD doesn’t work.
A short entry about when TDD is not the appropriate tool in a developers toolbox.

10 Articles every programmer must read
The title says it all! Background technical information around URL encoding, Unicode, how memory works, floating-point arithmetic and more.