Innovating through discovery

Red River isn't a development factory, churning out the same product over and over. We’re technologists, fascinated by inventive ways to solve business challenges with user-focused software. Our process starts with an in-depth discovery of your organisation, where we identify and question what is really needed and how it should perform.

We work as your partner, incorporating established project management practices and fostering open dialogue. We embrace communication, collaboration and flexibility in our approach, to keep the focus on business goals while reducing misunderstanding.

Technology, designed

To build outstanding systems, we embrace many disciplines: not just the design and implementation of code, but solid testing and quality assurance, version and release management, and effective systems and processes for collaboration.

Drawing from our diverse pool of technical knowledge and extensive real-world product development experience, we partner effective technology with intuitive design to deliver the most powerful business systems, fit to enable transition and growth for many years ahead.

We deliver web, mobile and desktop applications, built on technologies including:

  • C#, .NET / .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC
  • React, Redux, Angular
  • Node.js, Webpack
  • SQL Server, MongoDB / NoSQL
  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • REST

Client Case Study

A software product and digital strategy for a 325-year-old business

Client Case Study

Ground-up redevelopment of a business-critical, global management information system

Client Case Study

Transforming data management in the geo-environmental industry

Client Case Study

Three months to deliver a transformational fundraising system

Client Case Study

Supporting one of the UK's largest SharePoint installations

Client Case Study

A new digital fundraising platform for the charitable sector

Client Case Study

Taking the long haul out of aviation document management

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