Taking the long haul out of aviation document management

Taking the long haul out of aviation document management

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Holland, AerData is a major provider of lease management, records management, engine fleet planning and audit and inspection software for the aviation industry. In 2014 AerData was acquired by Boeing.


Aircraft are only profitable when they’re flying, yet their maintenance is a complex and highly regulated field. In the past, the administrative workload of capturing, processing and verifying maintenance and technical records could see aircraft remain out of service for up to two months during lease transactions, but in 2008, the start-up Waviatech had developed an innovative solution to streamline document management in the industry: Stream.


Red River’s initial engagement was to secure and improve Stream’s web-portal, but in partnership with Waviatech it identified that the core product could be further improved by the adoption of features including advanced compression to enable web-service delivery of documents, a customisable workflow to deliver documents to the right viewer or approver, and preemptive loading based on user behaviour such as keyword searches.

Red River was commissioned to prototype a new version of the software which would be demonstrated at an industry show. The prototype’s success led to firm orders for the improved product.


In just three months, Red River created a downloadable version of the Stream app as a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Smart Client with web APIs. The app could integrate with scanning hardware, used native compression algorithms, and supported offline working. Its custom workflow and batch processing tools and engines were written in C#, while feature flags were used to support customer-specific or licenced functionality.


Described by one early customer as “the product the industry has been waiting for,” the redesigned Stream solution became an industry leading product, reducing turnaround in lease transactions to as little as a single day. Waviatech signed deals with major customers including EasyJet, and in 2010 it was acquired by AerData. In 2014, Stream’s continued success contributed to the acquisition of AerData by Boeing.

My business would not be in its current position had we not involved Red River in our product development.

Karl Scanlon, Aerdata UK

The aviation industry is built on time and very tight margins. Creating a system that can save thousands of hours a week has a tremendous impact on a global business’ bottom line.

Simon Pringle, Red River

Red River has been great at thinking beyond the initial business requirement to propose and develop solutions that have been technically innovative, visually impressive, and which have assisted me in getting through a step-change with my business.

Karl Scanlon, Aerdata UK


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