Supporting one of the UK’s largest SharePoint installations

Supporting one of the UK’s largest SharePoint installations

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Flipside’s client, and the end user for this project, was a key player in the UK healthcare sector which faced communication issues after recent acquisitions. With the aim of improving employee engagement and community spirit, it was seeking to implement SharePoint 2013 as a single communications platform. Flipside knew it needed a serious partner with the necessary extensive tech competencies and .NET experience.


Red River was recommended to Flipside as technology partner for the delivery of what turned out to be one of the UK’s largest SharePoint installations. The huge, year-long project required in-depth technical skills and a commitment to delivery – the end-user was already bound to immovable deadlines. Red River would provide software development and consultancy, agile project management and consultancy, and ongoing support and maintenance.


With tight deadlines, Red River worked in the discovery phase to understand the wider project requirements, and how it related to people and the business’ needs. At the same time it built an in-depth understanding of SharePoint 2013 the year before its official release, quickly evaluating and planning for its requirements. Implementing agile and scrum methodology each deliverable and milestone was hit on time, and the overall project was completed on budget and on schedule.


The end-user now has a single environment to foster improved collaboration, and a greater sense of community within its organisation. Flipside was able to deliver a challenging and ambitious project to a very satisfied client, with whom it now has a strong, ongoing partnership. The project opened up new revenue streams which continue to deliver for Flipside, which was so impressed with Red River’s development methodology it has adopted it for its own team.

Choosing Red River was a risk for us. It was apparent from the outset that they were honest as well as talented, and genuinely wanted to do a good job. There were a lot of challenges, [but] Red River built and maintained professional relationships during what turned out to be an intense year long project.

Anthony Basker, digital director, Flipside

Their brilliant approach to projects and [my] 100% confidence in their ability to deliver, are the critical reasons I would recommend the team at Red River Software. We’ve since worked on a number of projects together. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, as speaking from experience I know they would deliver every time.

Anthony Basker, digital director, Flipside


As a fully objective, unbiased consultancy team we firmly believe that the technology should follow the need, not the other way around. We make our decisions based on the most appropriate technologies available at the time. Here's what we used on this project:

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