Ground-up redevelopment of a business-critical, global management information system

Ground-up redevelopment of a business-critical, global management information system

Edif NDE (now part of RINA) provides technical inspection services to critical industries and environments worldwide. With offices across the globe, our client works to optimise and enhance some of the world’s largest companies.


Following several years of sustained strategic growth through acquisition, the client’s management information system (MIS) had become a problem. Originally designed over a decade earlier it was intended to support a much smaller organisation, rather than the global operation Edif NDE had become. The MIS was increasingly becoming an obstacle to commercial operations, and as business-critical software, it simply couldn’t be allowed to fail.


Red River was commissioned to perform due diligence on Edif NDE’s legacy management information system, which confirmed multiple serious issues. The decision was taken to migrate to a new solution, and Red River was contracted to design and implement a new global business platform in an exceptionally tight timeframe. The new MIS had not only to deliver on commercial objectives, but also be user-centred.


Red River scoped, designed and delivered a full line-of-business system. The ambitious and highly time-sensitive, 600 man-day project was finished in just four months, and delivered without any break in service. Comprising web applications, webAPIs, document management and data storage components, the state-of-the-art system entirely replaced the client’s legacy software, but incorporated existing useful processes, saving time and realising considerable ongoing user-license savings.


Edif NDE now has the software it needs to manage information from all aspects of its business. It can view its sales pipeline effectively, has a better, dynamic understanding of its performance, and has far more insight with which to improve its operational management and processes. Red River remains Edif NDE’s trusted technology partner, offering ongoing support, expertise and recommendations.

This was a high-level project plan that required a big amount of knowledge assimilation very fast. Red River knew exactly how to balance that and still deliver.

Anthony Clare, 'Opus' project manager, Edif NDE

Quite simply, Red River delivers. They know what they’re doing and they make it happen.

Dan Perrett, finance director, Edif NDE


As a fully objective, unbiased consultancy team we firmly believe that the technology should follow the need, not the other way around. We make our decisions based on the most appropriate technologies available at the time. Here's what we used on this project:

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