A new digital fundraising platform for the charitable sector

A new digital fundraising platform for the charitable sector

The Good Exchange is a venture of Greenham Trust, a grant-giving charitable organisation. The successor to Findmeagrant.org, it exists to streamline and improve the success of matching projects with charitable funding.


The UK is home to roughly 10,000 grant-giving charitable trusts and foundations, each with its own application, admin and audit processes. This leads to a considerable administrative burden, and a high failure rate in applications. Greenham Trust decided to address the issue with technology, launching Findmeagrant.org in 2011. Though successful, after four years the trust began work on an improved successor: The Good Exchange.


Greenham Trust commissioned Red River to design and build a new digital platform that would build on the success of Findmeagrant.org, addressing its limitations, and centralising and simplifying the application process for those seeking funding and grants. The new site would help match people and projects with relevant potential donors. It had to be incredibly user friendly, and needed to integrate with social media and mobile devices.


Red River gathered the best possible understanding of the voluntary sector, and the complexities of applying for and granting funds. Building strong links with the trust and its key partners ensured the fullest idea of the new platform’s operating context. Implementing an agile development approach, Red River quickly built and iterated the new platform, responding quickly to client feedback, and providing its own expert ideas and input.


The Good Exchange went live on 1 September 2016: a high-tech, 360-degree community fundraising platform architected for easy web and smartphone access. Ahead of the launch, all account holders and active projects from findmeagrant.com had been migrated seamlessly across. The new platform cuts administration, improves funding success rates, enables easy outreach, and integrates management, insight and digital payments.

The platform combines philanthropy and the simple spirit of barter trades – brought together with technology. People with a need for specific funding are matched with people and organisations with a matching need to give.

Helen Carlile, business development, The Good Exchange

Red River fulfilled their role as a trusted advisor extremely well. We have implemented many of [their] ideas into our business. The qualities they bring that other suppliers could not include innovation, experience and enthusiasm.

Helen Carlile, business development, The Good Exchange


As a fully objective, unbiased consultancy team we firmly believe that the technology should follow the need, not the other way around. We make our decisions based on the most appropriate technologies available at the time. Here's what we used on this project:

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