Got a burning question?

You can't know everything

Running a business is hard. Growing a new company or reinvigorating one in which you're investing is harder still. Nobody can tell you all the answers, but Red River does know a little bit about common business challenges, particularly when it comes to buying software, outsourcing its development or seeking to assess its quality.

We can help you avoid costly mistakes, whether it's misunderstanding the software you already have, designing mistakes or limitations into a new one, or wasting money with the wrong development partner or idea. We can show you why it's important to keep user-focused, why each project needs a fresh technological approach, and why communication, agility and insight are essential requirements from your external software team.

Here are the questions we're often asked. Above all, what we know is that excellent, user-centred software can transform business operations, and that beautifully designed apps and products can make the difference between a disruptive idea going nowhere, or a business that genuinely reinvents the way things are done. If you still have questions, give us a call.